Bad Date List FAQ

What is the SF Bay Bad Date List?
The SF Bay Bad Date List is a community-based violence intervention tool that collects reports of violence against people working in the sex trades and consolidates them into usable reports that are published for community.

Who can make a report on the Bad Date List?

People working in the sex trades who have experienced incidents of harm in the SF Bay may make reports on the Bad Date List. Service providers (rape crisis workers, health clinic workers, therapists, etc) may make reports about harm experienced by a sex worker only with their express consent.

“People working in the sex trades” include, but is not limited to: porn performers, strippers, massage parlor workers, street-based workers, escorts, sugar babies, webcam models, pro-dominants, pro-submissives, phone sex operators, etc.

Who can be reported on the Bad Date List?
Reports can be made about anyone who causes harm or violence against anyone working in the sex trades and who poses a predatory danger to other people in the sex trades. We refer to these predators as “Bad Dates.” A Bad Date may be any person who threatens, behaves violently towards, robs, extorts, or engages in any behavior that violates the agreed upon terms and boundaries of the exchange.

The term Bad Date is used expansively and may include, but is not limited to: harmful clients or customers, predators posing as clients or customers, abusive law enforcement or state agency officers, exploitative managers, inappropriate bouncers, demeaning cab drivers, etc.

What reports will not be posted on the SF Bay Bad Date List?
The following is a short (and uncomprehensive) list of reports that will not be posted to the Bad Date List:
-reports not submitted by someone in the sex trades or without their express consent
-reports about individuals not specifically targeting sex workers
-reports made about other people in the sex trades who do not pose a predatory risk of harm to others
-reports made about instances of harm occurring outside the SF Bay Area

How do I report someone to the bad date list?

Reports can be made:
Online at
By phone at (415) 554-8494
By email at
Via app by downloading it here
By mail or in person at the St. James Infirmary at 234 Eddy Street, SF, CA 94102 (Check website Clinic Calendar for times that we are open or call to make an appointment with a peer counselor.)

What happens after I submit a report about a bad date?
Reports are not automatically published to the Bad Date List website or app. When a report is received, the Bad Date List Coordinator reviews the report to determine its eligibility for publication, removes any identifying information that the submitter may have included, and summarizes the report into a few short sentences for publication. The report summaries are then catalogued and published online, on the app, and on paper for distribution.

I submitted a report and it was not published, why?

All reports are reviewed by the Bad Date List Coordinator to ensure that each posting adheres to the above community standards. If you’ve submitted a report and it has not been posted and you’d like to inquiry as to why, please contact the Bad Date List Coordinator at

Will my privacy be safe if I view or make a report on the Bad Date List?
Identifying information is not required to submit a report on the Bad Date List. Neither the website nor the app collect electronic data from users. Because the app is a web-based application it can be downloaded directly from your own browser, avoiding the login download requirements imposed by iTunes and Google Play stores. Any identifying information accidentally submitted in a report will be edited out by the Bad Date List Coordinator and kept strictly confidential.

How do I download the SF Bay Bad Date List app?
Go to on your smart device (either iOS or Android) browser. Click on the ladybug icon on the first page. This will send you to the app page. At the bottom of the page select “Click here to install app!,” then follow the directions. The ladybug icon will be downloaded on your phone just like any other app but with the option to name it what ever you like to ensure discretion.

Why is the SF Bay Bad Date List limited to reports of violence in the Bay?
The Bad Date List is limited to the SF Bay to maximize its usefulness to local people working in the sex trades and to maintain the Coordinators ability to safeguard user’s privacy. To find a bad date list in your area contact a sex worker organization in your area or, if one does not exist, let us know if you’d like support in creating one.

How can I offer myself or my organization as a support resource on the Bad Date List?
We are seeking to expand our list of sex work competent, harm-reductionist mental health, medical, rape crisis, and legal support services listed on the Bad Date List website. If you or your organization fit these criteria and would like to be included on our list contact the Bad Date List Coordinator by email at

What is the St. James Infirmary?
The St. James Infirmary is an occupational health and safety clinic run by and for sex workers and their communities in the SF Bay Area. More information about the clinic can be found here.

How can I support the St. James Infirmary and the Bad Date List program?
Tax-deductible donations to the St. James Infirmary can be made here. To support the Bad Date List project specifically contact the Bad Date List Coordinator at