Harassment/Flake, “Josh Harb*n”

Shortly before session, client pushed for a bareback. Worker refused and client cancelled. Described self as black, 41 years old, 6’1″. Used name Josh *Har*in but worker suspect may be the same as Malcolm Darensb*rg (see separate post.) harbin.*osh@yahoo.com (925)453-225*. Oakland. 1/2018

Harassment, “Malcolm Darens*urg”

Worker declined session with Malcolm Darensbur* after inappropriate & creepy email communications. Harassing worker, calling names, shaming since. May have continued harassment under another name “Josh Harbi*” (see separate post). Used email malcolmdrnsbr*@aol.com. (510) 534-735*. Described self as black, 41 years old, 6’1″ Backpage. Oakland. 1/2018.

Sexual Assault, “Michele Catast*a”

Met worker in SF Mission District Hotel and forced sex without a condom. Made worker uncomfortable with persistent talk of incest. Italian, 34 years old, tattoo on shoulder, brown hair, used email pirro*@gmail.com, name Michele Ca*astra. Occurred 11/4/17.