48 yo Asian/Pacific Islander male “Jay” 5’7″ Verbal/Physical Abuse

Asian/Pacific Islander male 48 years old 5’7″ black/grey hair. Client met worker at her house and was pushy and insistent on no condom and anal, more time, wanted shower without paying for more time. Client was physically rough and spanked provider “really hard” without consent. Found via “Nightshift”, client info: 408-4**-4670, email jjsanj**e2k@gmail.com This was reported on 2018/03/13

Harassment/Flake, “Josh Harb*n”

Shortly before session, client pushed for a bareback. Worker refused and client cancelled. Described self as black, 41 years old, 6’1″. Used name Josh *Har*in but worker suspect may be the same as Malcolm Darensb*rg (see separate post.) harbin.*osh@yahoo.com (925)453-225*. Oakland. 1/2018

Harassment, “Malcolm Darens*urg”

Worker declined session with Malcolm Darensbur* after inappropriate & creepy email communications. Harassing worker, calling names, shaming since. May have continued harassment under another name “Josh Harbi*” (see separate post). Used email malcolmdrnsbr*@aol.com. (510) 534-735*. Described self as black, 41 years old, 6’1″ Backpage. Oakland. 1/2018.

Timewaster “director Aj L.”

Says he is a director for G-Eazy. Asked for a shoot & said he wouldn’t be paying because “it would be helping you out.” Contacted worker online. Black man, 23, curly hair. Name: Aj L. Sent pictures. El Cerrito 12/17