Time waster/verbal assault, “Sean”

Stole worker’s cell phone charger. Flaked on date and refused to pay worker’s transit costs. Verbally harassed worker. White man, early-mid 40s, 6′, short brown wavy hair, pock marks on face, “Sean.” Found via seekingarrangement.com. San Francisco. 5/17.

Flake/time waster, “Richard M”

Persistent communications, wanted very early morning session. Client showed up, showered, and left without paying. Asian/Pacific Islander man, 5’6″, short black hair, 50ish, wears glasses. “Richard M*” using 925-639-534*. Emeryville. 7/17

Sexual assault, Asian man “Ben Re*”

Pinned down worker and forced anal. Worker needed to go to the hospital after. Worker had seen client without incident several times prior to assault. Asian man, about 5’5″, early 50s, slender build, short black hair. Name is “Ben R*d” on seekingarrangement.com. Union City. 4/17

Stalker, Middle Eastern Man “Mandeep”

Worker saw client once and has been stalked and harassed for years since. Has needed to change personal social media and phone number multiple times. Found via seekingarrangement.com. Middle Eastern man, dark hair, 30-40 years old, about 5’5″, using name Mandeep Sin*h. Used numbers: 510-516-709*, 510-984-715*, 408-471-264*. Email: chivalrousman3*@gmail.com. Oakland.

White SF man “Sam Pleasure”

Client created a “rape scene” without consent or pre-negotiation. Met worker in the hallway and threw a hood over her head, bound and gagged worker, held box cutter to her throat. Refused to set up a safe word in advance, or leave worker alone when asked. Known for psychological manipulation and disregarding boundaries. White, 40s/50s, heavy set, 6’3″, glasses, brown hair. Worker met at client’s…

API male, 32 years old, “Andrew”

API male, 32 years old, “Andrew,” Muscular, black hair, 5’9″ saw worker at his house on the 500 block of Bellevue. Threatened to beat worker if she did not do certain sexual acts. Verbally assaulted, threatened, degraded worker. Raped and choked worker, did not pay, and continued to harass after she left. Found worker on backpage in dom/fetish section. Gave phone number of (415) 535-6**8.…

White Eastern European Man Late 30s-Early 40’s

White Eastern European Man Late 30s-Early 40’s, between 5’9-11”, brown hair/ green eyes, often wearing a long sleeves jacket, t-shirt and baseball cap, has very strong accent, usually offers to trade drugs or little money for sex. Has been known to bite and has left scars on fingers. Often quick to anger and perpetuates physical assault on clients very violent. Often hanging around the tenderloin.…