Sexual Assault, “Michele Catast*a”

Met worker in SF Mission District Hotel and forced sex without a condom. Made worker uncomfortable with persistent talk of incest. Italian, 34 years old, tattoo on shoulder, brown hair, used email pirro*, name Michele Ca*astra. Occurred 11/4/17.

Timewaster “director Aj L.”

Says he is a director for G-Eazy. Asked for a shoot & said he wouldn’t be paying because “it would be helping you out.” Contacted worker online. Black man, 23, curly hair. Name: Aj L. Sent pictures. El Cerrito 12/17

Time Waster/Flake/Other “Kim & Anthony”

Worker received emails from couple “Kim Bat*s & Anthony” who used “Aneta Ultr* in NY” as a reference. Appeared to be false identities & couple canceled session after failing to pass security process. Worker reports others have received similar emails. Used emails kimb* and anetault* 9/26/17

Time waster/verbal assault, “Sean”

Stole worker’s cell phone charger. Flaked on date and refused to pay worker’s transit costs. Verbally harassed worker. White man, early-mid 40s, 6′, short brown wavy hair, pock marks on face, “Sean.” Found via San Francisco. 5/17.

Flake/time waster, “Richard M”

Persistent communications, wanted very early morning session. Client showed up, showered, and left without paying. Asian/Pacific Islander man, 5’6″, short black hair, 50ish, wears glasses. “Richard M*” using 925-639-534*. Emeryville. 7/17

Sexual assault, Asian man “Ben Re*”

Pinned down worker and forced anal. Worker needed to go to the hospital after. Worker had seen client without incident several times prior to assault. Asian man, about 5’5″, early 50s, slender build, short black hair. Name is “Ben R*d” on Union City. 4/17