Sexual Assault, “Michele Catast*a”

Met worker in SF Mission District Hotel and forced sex without a condom. Made worker uncomfortable with persistent talk of incest. Italian, 34 years old, tattoo on shoulder, brown hair, used email pirro*, name Michele Ca*astra. Occurred 11/4/17.

Timewaster “director Aj L.”

Says he is a director for G-Eazy. Asked for a shoot & said he wouldn’t be paying because “it would be helping you out.” Contacted worker online. Black man, 23, curly hair. Name: Aj L. Sent pictures. El Cerrito 12/17

Time Waster/Flake/Other “Kim & Anthony”

Worker received emails from couple “Kim Bat*s & Anthony” who used “Aneta Ultr* in NY” as a reference. Appeared to be false identities & couple canceled session after failing to pass security process. Worker reports others have received similar emails. Used emails kimb* and anetault* 9/26/17

SF Time waster/Flake “Jack”

Described himself as “45 y/o MWM, 6’1″, 180, long brown hair, light blue eyes, athletic, swim everyday.” Asked worker to dress up in a “beautiful dress” & meet at hotel bar. After she arrived he emailed saying he was coming down, but never showed & went incommunicado. Found via Eros. Signed email as “Jack.” Used mckussic88@gmail.c*m email and associated name “Dale McKu*sic.” 10/8/17

Time waster/verbal assault, “Sean”

Stole worker’s cell phone charger. Flaked on date and refused to pay worker’s transit costs. Verbally harassed worker. White man, early-mid 40s, 6′, short brown wavy hair, pock marks on face, “Sean.” Found via San Francisco. 5/17.

Flake/time waster, “Richard M”

Persistent communications, wanted very early morning session. Client showed up, showered, and left without paying. Asian/Pacific Islander man, 5’6″, short black hair, 50ish, wears glasses. “Richard M*” using 925-639-534*. Emeryville. 7/17