SF Time waster/Flake “Jack”

Described himself as “45 y/o MWM, 6’1″, 180, long brown hair, light blue eyes, athletic, swim everyday.” Asked worker to dress up in a “beautiful dress” & meet at hotel bar. After she arrived he emailed saying he was coming down, but never showed & went incommunicado. Found via Eros. Signed email as “Jack.” Used mckussic88@gmail.c*m email and associated name “Dale McKu*sic.” 10/8/17

Male, mid-30s “Nick Martinez”

Shorted worker on money. Failed to send remaining amount via wire transfer for weeks. Worker saw client in SF hotel/motel in Marina district. Nick Martinez, hispanic/latino, 5’9″, black hair, kind of heavyset, says he works in tech and lives in East Bay. Used phone # (415) 813-**61 and email nick.martinez881. May have found via Eros.