Male, mid-30s “Nick Martinez”

Shorted worker on money. Failed to send remaining amount via wire transfer for weeks. Worker saw client in SF hotel/motel in Marina district. Nick Martinez, hispanic/latino, 5’9″, black hair, kind of heavyset, says he works in tech and lives in East Bay. Used phone # (415) 813-**61 and email nick.martinez881. May have found via Eros.

White SF man “Sam Pleasure”

Client created a “rape scene” without consent or pre-negotiation. Met worker in the hallway and threw a hood over her head, bound and gagged worker, held box cutter to her throat. Refused to set up a safe word in advance, or leave worker alone when asked. Known for psychological manipulation and disregarding boundaries. White, 40s/50s, heavy set, 6’3″, glasses, brown hair. Worker met at client’s…

API male, 32 years old, “Andrew”

API male, 32 years old, “Andrew,” Muscular, black hair, 5’9″ saw worker at his house on the 500 block of Bellevue. Threatened to beat worker if she did not do certain sexual acts. Verbally assaulted, threatened, degraded worker. Raped and choked worker, did not pay, and continued to harass after she left. Found worker on backpage in dom/fetish section. Gave phone number of (415) 535-6**8.…

White Eastern European Man Late 30s-Early 40’s

White Eastern European Man Late 30s-Early 40’s, between 5’9-11”, brown hair/ green eyes, often wearing a long sleeves jacket, t-shirt and baseball cap, has very strong accent, usually offers to trade drugs or little money for sex. Has been known to bite and has left scars on fingers. Often quick to anger and perpetuates physical assault on clients very violent. Often hanging around the tenderloin.…

White Male 40’s “John”

White Male 40’s “John” athletic build short gray hair. Blue eyes , One eye scarred, Met worker at address in Pacific Heights, acted very cagey and tried to write worker a check. When worker refused walked worker to through doors and flashed a badge, pretended to be law enforcement. Worker ran away. May go by “Scott” or “David” Calling from (707) area code. Found worker…

Stocky 30’s Hispanic/Latino Male “Joe”

Stocky 30’s Hispanic/Latino Male “Joe” shortish height, with dark black thick curly hair. Heavily tattooed with large plug gauges in ears. Found worker on Model Mayhem to do “trade photography”. Worker stated they didn’t want to engage in sexual acts. Without asking, the client began sexually assaulting model. As model could they called friend for help. Client used phone number (408) 666-XX12. Incident took place…

Asian/Pacific Islander Male early 20’s

Asian/Pacific Islander Male early 20’s, slender build. Met worker at clients home, SOMA district (1190 Mission Trinity Apartments). Attempted to push sex in elevator, told worker they were unaware of worker being trans, although clear on RENTBOY ad, Insulted worker. Booked without discussion, refused to give cash, wrote bad check. Used phone number (415) 570-11XX multiple incident reports (report made August 2015)

Thin White Male, “Alex Frost” 65 years old

Thin White Male, “Alex Frost” 65 years old, approximately 5’8, Brown hair, has tattoos. Gave email address:  Drugged, infected and sexually assaulted worker in client’s home in a suburb, took condom off, client was both drunk and high, on 12/09/2016, time unknown.

Asian/Pacific Islander Male “Li Tung Wu” early 20’s

Asian/Pacific Islander Male “Li Tung Wu” early 20’s slender build. Met worker at clients home, SOMA district. Pushed pre-set sexual boundaries consistently. Appeared to be high on meth or stimulates. Used GHB and became upset when worker refused. Refused to give cash, wrote bad check. Used phone number(415) 570-11XX multiple incident reports